Factory Workers Jobs In Canada May 2024: Apply Today

Factory Workers Jobs in Canada, Currently, there is an opportunity to work in the position of Factory Helpers in the big company in Toronto, Canada called George Weston and they need ten persons for this position. As one of the Factory Helper, you will make sure that the factory is in order. This is a great opportunity to gain experience with a famous food company and contribute to the production of quality goods.

Company Background

George Weston was founded in 1882. Loblaw Companies Limited is based in Canada where the company is very large. Loblaw companies are the largest retail chains of food and drugs store in Canada and operate more than 2,300 outlets. George Weston also has a number of bakeries and distribute a great deal of fresh as well as frozen foods in North America.

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They also own a large real estate investment trust, which operates in Canada and is called Choice Properties REIT. George Weston has its operations in various countries and is currently using more than ten thousand employees. They also have over 6,000 staff in Australia and New Zealand. The job offers CAD 20 per hour and comes with numerous additional perks.

Available Job






This is the reason why there is no minimum experience required since one can learn from their own mistakes as well as from others.


Basic English


This policy applies to all employees irrespective of their level in the organization compensation will be offered to employees in the following manner:

Job Term:

As a student, it is recommended to target a job that can be permanent and full time where visa extension may be possible.


It costs CAD 20 per hour for the service.

Requirements For Factory Workers Jobs in Canada

•It is preferable but not necessary if you have had previous experience in a factory or production facility.

•Has to be physically strong to lift heavy items and to be on your feet for most of the times.

•Understand some few basic rules of production and safety.

•It is often said that details make the difference or the devil is in the detail, so don’t neglect this aspect and always try to do your best.

•Expect to get to work as soon as you join the program or organization.

Job Responsibilities

Help on the Production Line:

Help with such things as running machines, packing products, and labeling products accurately and efficiently.

Material Handling: Transport raw materials and finished goods within the factory with the help of equipment such as pallet jacks and vehicles.

Quality Control: Inspect products for defects, confirm that labels are placed correctly, and inform the supervisor of any problems.

Clean and Maintain Work Areas: Ensure that work environments, implements and apparatuses are clean and well arranged for safety and productivity.

Follow Safety Rules: Wear protective equipment, adhere to all the safety measures, and in case of an incident, report the same.

Teamwork: Cooperate with supervisors, quality control personnel, and other workers to achieve set production goals.

Benefits For Factory Workers Jobs in Canada

Good Pay:

Factory helpers in Canada are paid well since they earn wages that are competitive in the market.

Stable Job:

Manufacturing provides long-term employment in different sectors such as food processing, electronics, automobile, and pharmaceuticals.

Training and Skills:

On-the-job training enables you to learn how to operate machines and new production techniques.

Career Growth:

Factory helper positions can open the door to other positions such as a machine operator, technician, or supervisor with additional training and experience.

Safety Standards:

Employment standards in Canada are well protected to ensure that the employees are safe at their places of work.

Work-Life Balance:

Some of the perks that are provided by many employers include paid holidays, flexible working hours, and days off.

Extra Benefits:

Some of the benefits that may be offered include; health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and employee discounts.

Diverse Workplaces:

Experience in different fields and gain knowledge about the production methods.

Community Involvement:

A number of manufacturing firms in Canada engage in local sponsorship, community volunteering, and charity activities. The following are the activities that you can join:

Union Support:

Some unions may provide further assistance in campaigning for equal wages, remunerations, and treatment at the workplace.

How To Apply For The Recruitment

Send your CV to https://jobsvacancies.com.ng


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