Nigerian Army Hospital Recruitment – Apply Now

The Nigerian Army Hospital Recruitment exercise has started and those who wish they should be a part of it should go on now to apply for this wonderful opportunity.

The regarded Nigerian Army has come out in the open to declare that they require many more hands at the military campus to attend to our soldiers who get injured during battle and require quick attention.

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So are you a Nigerian, have you been complaining of the scarcity of jobs at the moment, have you ever wanted to join the Nigeria soldiers well here is your chance.

For the interest of all those who are willing to work with Nigeria army should be informed that the recruitment has started again and information you need to apply is made available here, continue reading to be enlightened on how to get started.

Job Positions Available At Nigerian Army Hospital Recruitment


Medical Officer:

Receiving, treating patient, diagnosing diseases, prescribing cures and implementing or overseeing all patient care.

Nursing Officer:

Prescribes individual’s course of nursing treatment, may or may not order and/or dispense medication, assist in medical treatment, and instructs patients/ families on care/treatment regimes.


Administers drugs, checks and evaluates drug therapies, informs healthcare professionals and patients about medicinal products, and works within the legal frameworks of the profession.

Laboratory Scientist:

Proposes and conducts various laboratory diagnostic techniques to support the identification and management of various diseases, interprets various laboratory data, and ensures the proper functioning of various laboratory instruments.


Checks patients’ cardiovascular systems, using diagnostic imaging equipment like X rays, CT scanners or MRI to create interior body images to help doctors diagnose ailments.

Dental Officer:

Offers regular check-ups and general treatment such as preventive, restoration and surgical procedures and oral health education and counselling.


Physical therapists assist patients who have sustained bodily harm or have any form of disability to manage their locomotive problems through exercises, manipulations, among other techniques.

Medical Laboratory Technician:

The clinical lab technologist works hand in hand with laboratory scientists in tests, specimen preparations, and maintenance of laboratory equipment and documentation.

Nursing Assistant:

This position is responsible for offering straightforward nursing care services to the patients while under the direction of a registered nurse, objectives involve performing duties such as feeding, bathing and moving patients, checking the patients’ temperatures and performing other similar tasks.

Administrative Staff:

Coordinates with different hospitals where they set appointments, maintain records of patients, and control finances and human resources.

Requirements Needed For Nigerian Army Hospital Recruitment

Before you can be accepted for this job, there are some requirements which you are expected to meet up with, below are those requirements:

This applicate must be a Nigerian citizen.

The necessary professional credentials related to their field of practice, such as a medical degree for a physician, pharmacy degree for a pharmacist, dental degree for a dentist, or any other degree in the health care field.

One of the requirements includes meeting the age limits provided by the Nigerian Army.

Certified by the medical and fitness physical tests.

No criminal record.

Comply with the requirements of educational and professional experience with each specialties.

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